Coach Norbert Hrnčár wanted to kick three players out of Trnava: It was easier to release me

He took over the Spartak team before the matches of the seventh round after Marián Šarmír, he ended up on the Trnava bench unexpectedly after the end of the autumn part. We are talking about coach Norbert Hrnčár, who closed his work in the red-black camp before the start of winter training.

The Nitra native did not expect this scenario also because the team winters in fifth place. “I admit, I was surprised. Throughout December, we at the club addressed the training schedule and the issue of staff composition. We dealt with possible departures and arrivals. There was no indication that I would no longer work in Spartacus, “said Norbert Hrnčár.

What does the 50-year-old helmsman see as the reasons for his end of Spartacus? “I think the main reason is the disagreement with the club’s management regarding the composition of the staff. I am mainly talking about departures, “said the former coach of Banská Bystrica, Myjava, Ružomberok, Karviná, Trenčín and now also Trnava.

He then turned his ideas into small ones: “I asked the team to leave three experienced players who were supposed to be leaders, but from my personal point of view they did not fulfill this status. I wanted to replace them with younger, Slovak and ambitious players. It turned out that an easier solution for the club was to release me from the position of head coach. “

Trnava was not stable as a result, it achieved better results on the opponent’s lawns than at home. Even once under the leadership of Norbert Hrnčár, the Spartacists were unable to reverse the unfavorable development of the meeting.

“The main goal was to participate in the top six. Trnava is in a very comfortable position to make it happen. The team is in fifth place and it still has a good match in Zlaté Moravce. I think we have done our part. Especially in the context of working with a staff whose composition we could not influence. I arrived at a time when it was already closed. Nevertheless, we fulfilled the basic goal. In a time horizon of three months, there is no point in talking about conceptual work. “

In Spartac, however, they were obviously expecting more. “I don’t think the ambitions of the club’s management corresponded to the quality of the player’s staff. It was not in the power of this team to chase Slovan or Dunajská Streda. The players who were supposed to be different did not meet these expectations. That’s why I demanded changes, “replied Norbert Hrnčár.

Under his leadership, Trnava did not manage several matches at its own stadium, where it lost not only with Slovan Bratislava and Dunajská Streda, but also unexpectedly with Nitra and Michalovce. “I’m definitely sorry about the balance in the home matches, but we compensated for it on the opponents’ pitches, where we scored ten points out of five matches, which is very decent. It was also reflected in the placement in the table, “said Norbert Hrnčár, who, despite the premature end, does not leave Spartak bitterly.

“I will have nice memories. I felt the will of the players to improve. I had a perfect implementation team, great people, who very quickly identified with our ideas and the way we work. I had a great cooperation with the sports director Andrej Kostolanský. “

What are the next plans for a seasoned coach? “A short rest with the family and, if the covid situation allows, I plan to complete one or two internships abroad,” concluded Norbert Hrnčár.

If the coronavirus did not fall for Spartak’s cabin at the end of the autumn, coach Norbert Hrnčár could close his work in Trnava with a direct fight for the fourth place in Zlaté Moravce, played by his son David. This duel will finally take place at the beginning of spring and the red-blacks will be led by the current junior coach Michal Gašparík ml.

“It would be an interesting confrontation, but unfortunately it is out of date. I believe that we would prepare the team so that we can enjoy three points, “said Norbert Hrnčár.


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