Comment: And shoot the little one for the black one

Another refereeing quartet has already been deployed and UEFA is now working on what to do with Coltesco. So far, Europe has partly explained two different perspectives.

One is the one for whom it all came about. The Romanian gave the compatriot a verbal signal as to who should receive a card for his offense on the bench of the Turkish team. If there was a red-haired Irishman in Pierre Web’s place, the referee would probably say the rusty one. Ireland might shake his head, but it wouldn’t be such a colossal problem. And there was another factor. Linguistic. If our judges, the Poles, the Hungarians or the Russians, were in place for the Romanians, and they navigated – but I believe not – in such a stupid way, something else would sound. The black one. Black. Cherny. Black.

The Turkish bench probably wouldn’t move. However, since everything can be heard on television now, there would probably be someone who would post their discovery on social networks. Although they are fast, they would probably finish and the referee would be resolved the next day. However, it would turn a little easier. In Romanian, the word black is translated as Negro. And right next to the benches in the empty stadium could not be overheard. Significantly, while Western Europe is in shock, Eastern Romania understands. What did he do? After all, he only helped himself with the basic visible sign.

Unfortunately, the years of devastation of the peoples of Eastern Europe by the Communists, then by social problems, corruption, nationalists and extremists will be reflected in basic thinking for a long time to come. The fact that we don’t even realize that saying “that black one” offends the person in question. It doesn’t even need to be very philosophical, because although Basaksehiru striker Demba Ba was upset at the time, he made it clear: “When you talk about white, you only say the man. But you called him black. Why?”

Of course, some people don’t understand it anyway.

Arguments are already flying on social networks. They are like this: I’m white, I’m proud of it, so let him be too. And what did Luka Dončič hear in the NBA? And what if white sat on a bench among blacks? Should he be offended? The broad-spectrum scope offers the statement that we Slavs did not enslave anyone. Closer – I’m not a racist, I even have a black friend.

It is best explained by example. When the era of bans and regulations for a pandemic is over, an African friend must be taken to a tavern. And tell the innkeeper – and shoot the little one to the black one. And watch how that friend looks…


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