Gašparík chose a risky step, which almost came out. Látal also appreciated the performance of the significantly rejuvenated Spartacus

New Spartak Trnava coach Michal Gašparík ml. has had a match premiere, during which he took care of a very interesting surprise – against the favored Sigma Olomouc, he sent an exceptionally young team to the field, which certainly did not disappoint in performance.

In the semifinal match of the Tipsport Malta Cup winter tournament, the Spartak Trnava footballers did not manage to fight their way to the fight for the overall triumph. In the duel with the traditional opponent from the training, the Czech Sigma Olomouc, they pulled for a shorter end after a close loss of 1: 2, but the “red-black” certainly did not disappoint in performance.

This is despite the fact that Michal Gašparík Jr. decided to take a relatively bold step during his match premiere on the Spartak bench – he sent a significantly rejuvenated team to the field against Olomouc. Although it was already clear at the airport that Trnava was traveling to Malta with an unusually young staff, few teenagers were waiting for the five teenagers.

“The primary goal was to give a wider cadre and young guys a chance to show up. That was one page, “said Spartak’s coach in response to Š,” the other was that we came here players who had not yet completed basically any training sessions. We wanted to save those who trained for the first time the day before the match. “

“There was also a group of players for whom we did not want to risk injury unnecessarily. We have three days of training after the holiday and it is not ideal to go to the match like this. In the end, two players were injured in the match and we had to use those we didn’t want to build at all, “said Gašparík.


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