Martin Škrtel’s mashes: Vaccination is the only right way

Certainly we would all like to focus on more pleasant events and moments at the beginning of the new year, but unintentionally, unintentionally, the topic of coronavirus resonates in our lives, both sports and private, for almost a year now. I have dealt with it several times in our column last year, but even now I want to return to it again and comment on current events.

Twelve months ago, none of us had any idea what awaited us and would not pass. When we first encountered the corona and COVID-19 in March, we had no idea it would take so long. Coronavirus is now still a part of our lives and significantly affects them in every way. We all had to deal with the new situation. We had to learn to live with this virus and see how long we have to exist with it.

From my point of view, I would not like to assess whether something has been underestimated globally or locally. Whether the situation could have been better these days and weeks than we are currently experiencing. What is certain is that it has all reached dimensions that we had no idea existed. And which none of us definitely wanted. At the same time, Slovakia managed the first wave very well.

However, the second is much stronger. She came after the summer, about which we can already boldly write that she was absolutely unable and underestimated in connection with COVID. The consequences are enormous. Many individuals have paid for the coronavirus, and Slovakia will pay for it as a country. Of course, I am not just talking about the sport I can talk about the most, but also about the economy and, above all, human lives.

That is why we must be looking forward to the fact that the vaccine we have been waiting for a long time is finally available here and as far as possible. I think this is a solution that is right and should help to cope with the current situation.

Of course, there are also doubts about available vaccines, as they are normally developed, tested and marketed for a long time. However, I trust scientists and well-founded people who have been involved in the creation of vaccines and have experience with something similar. We are living an exceptional time, which is why vaccine development has been extremely rapid.

We appreciate that this has been successful and vaccination has already begun in all countries. Given the health as well as the economic situation in many countries around the world, it is essential that events gradually begin to return to normal and, in particular, that we protect people’s lives. From this point of view, gradual vaccination of the population is the only right way.

I am clearly in favor of vaccination, and if I have the opportunity, I will definitely be vaccinated. I have been vaccinated against the flu in the past and I still do not see any problem with that. I am convinced that after initial doubts, other people will also have a more positive view of the COVID-19 vaccine. The corona crisis cannot be suppressed other than by vaccination and the responsible approach of all citizens.


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