‘Motherf *****!’ – Bruno Fernandes’ pseudo-anger wins Man Utd

Bruno Fernandes was heard calling Scott McTominay a “motherf *****” after the Scots extra-time goal within the A 1-0 victory over West Ham on Tuesday.

The midfielder volleyed home within the 97th minute after a misleading dismissal by Marcus Rashford.

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McTominay was celebrated by his fellow players, with Rashford praising his “excellent” finish, whereas Fernandes was heard saying to the goalkeeper: “Hey, the ball was to me motherf *****!”

As Rashford played the ball back to McTominay, Fernandes was just yards away calling for the ball.

The goal was McTominay’s seventh of the season and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was alert in his reward of the 24-year-old player’s goal scoring streak.

“Scott has the medical striker of the ball. He used to play as an attacker, we all know that, and it ends with authority, ”he said MUTV.

“Like, ‘bang’, finish. No mess about. No safety. That’s one thing we have now to study from.

“For a defensive midfielder, we must launch him and launch him as a result of he’s a goal menace within the field and has a superb strike on him.”


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