Nitra is already financed by the Germans: We will not say a word about Gilead. Vittek is considering, we will contact Jendrišek

Without nine detainees, including captain Oliver Podhorín or the best scorer of the team Michal Fašek, without coach Ivan Galád, but with German players on the test and with new investors. This is just the beginning of (next) changes in FC Nitra.

The new implementation team, led by head coach Michal Ščasný, has already been assembled by German investors. General manager Jozef Petráni named them on Tuesday as “new club operators and business partners of Ján and Erika Karový (owners of 67% of shares)”.

On the same day, representatives of the German company Peter Hammer and Nik Schwarz presented their position in Nitra themselves. “We have been financing the club since January 1. We have a serious impression of Kar. We trust him to fulfill his contractual promise and to repay all obligations from previous years in the foreseeable future. If they do, we have an option to repurchase the shares. For now, we are looking for reinforcements and partners. It is not possible for there not to be a single advertisement in the stadium, ”Peter Hammer told MY Nitrianske noviny.

The source states that the Germans want to meet with the city officials as soon as possible and “if everything goes smoothly, they will appropriate most of the events in the spring. Until then, Kara sanctified them to make all sports, personnel and economic decisions. “

The Germans’ plans include the former forward of the club, Henrich Benčík, and the position of sports director was offered by the legend of Slovak football, Róbert Vittek. “We last called in December and said he was thinking about it,” Hammer said.

At the same time, he ruled out cooperation with the current coach, until recently the sports director and multiple rescuer of FC Nitra, Ivan Galád. “We respect and appreciate that he saved Nitra, but we do not want to cooperate with him. We will not say a word to him anymore. He knows why, ”Hammer said.


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