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One other model of football
Nice thought at the mailbox for an additional model of hyperlink football and no VAR.

I would prefer to broaden on that and add just a few extra guidelines … why not put an end to the utmost variety of players in your defensive third of the field throughout open play?

This might take away the same old sample of football at the moment of 10 males behind the ball and the opposing winger working throughout and passing backwards due to the physique wall in entrance.

I might additionally prefer to eradicate the impact that “anticipated goals” have had on the sport the place there are not any lengthy crosses or photographs.

A YouTube video titled “beautiful 05/06 goals” from the official Premier League channel featured in my suggestions the day earlier than and a holy noise – it made me notice that it isn’t just rosy toned nostalgia. Football was higher then. In distinction, Trent Alexander Arnold’s “screamer” last week seemed bathroom customary compared to the 05/06 video.

I additionally blame trendy football in Pep Guardiola and Football Night time Monday for bringing a lot tactical nous to the sport that it has just develop into too over-thought and passive.

So possibly we will restrict punditry to traditional sounds of “he has pace, he has energy, pace and aggression” within the Hansen period.

Really, can we’ve a time machine and go back to the 2000s? Watch the video and inform me the sport is best at the moment. We dare you.
Silvio (High marks for the headline “Messi pat on the back” on my electronic mail last month) Dante

Ignore it and it’s going to go away
Mourinho needn’t apologize, it just must be ignored. He’s busted flushing and must be handled just like the spoiled egomaniac he’s, and he would don’t have any extra ache than being invisible. Hopefully it occurs soon, and the first producer in Sky or BT who suggests hiring him must be withdrawn.
Damian, Athenry

A music for Jose
My Spurs are great
My sport is great
My title is great

I noticed Ole at United
From then I am jealous
He smiled at me by the tunnel
He’s now, The Man
And, I lost lots of sleep over that
However, I’ve a plan

(Ole) You are pitiful
You might be depressing
You are pitiful, it is true
I played my sport, as a substitute of crappy
And, I knew what I might do
Trigger I can by no means be such as you

Sure, Tommy caught Son’s eye
However, we played on by
I may see from Ole’s face that he was,
F * cking loud
However, VAR chooses to see it once more
And now, we’re sharing a saga that can drag on to no end

(Jose) I am stunning
I am stunning
I am stunning, it is true
I play my video games, in empty areas
And (Spurs) followers cannot shout at me.
James How?, Anfield Reds @ Singapore

Sky and Spurs
Wealthy, AFC have to be enjoyable at events but it surely’s appropriate that Lamela / Tierney occasions are totally different after all. Was merely saying United may have been diminished to 9 however as a substitute the commentators and many others selected to focus on the unassisted goal the place – prefer it or not – Stockley park and the match ref determined after it of occasions it is soiled. And as for Ole, he has a brass neck contemplating Bruno Fernandes’ antics.

The broader point I used to be making was across the commentary / pundits and the way it scares the hell out of me when it appears unbalanced. Like Alan Smith’s response after Lamela’s unbelievable rabona, miserable how he ‘trundles into the net’. I forgot to say Pogba’s elbow on Aurier (with lots of force) too however once more, nothing … into the abyss he goes.
Dave, (One other Kane lets Spurs tweet or air interview? Oh go on then) Winchester Spurs

VAR – the unlikely as it’s seemingly
I just need to be clear on the point being addressed by Andy (MUFC) within the sense that I believe the entire ‘issues balance’ cliche is absolute bolts – a trite phrase that’s banded by lazy pundits. The problem is that there isn’t any solution to prove it until you establish all ‘bad’ selections and create a table. However with VAR, there are a few web sites that truly observe each VAR decision, the reason it was given and / or turned over and then the net impact. I used to be amazed on the vary of that impact. 11 distinction goals between golf equipment which have benefited or had a unfavourable affect. (Keep in mind, these are the net results of creating the optimistic and unfavourable selections for every team.) 11 goals signify 16% of City’s whole goals and 27% of the typical goals scored throughout the Premier League. That’s fairly a big impact.

Now the query is, what number of of these are bad selections? Well, there have been at the very least 3 this season against Liverpool specifically armpit, shirt sleeve, toes of chest selections I can bear in mind. I watched the grainy pictures, utilizing traces thicker than the entrance of a boot, short sleeve or armpit getting used to find out the final decision. The problem is that irrespective of how good the Stockley Park crowd is, the know-how doesn’t accomplish the duty.

The VAR cameras report at 50 frames per second. In itemizing the best EPL players, Mane and Salah are within the top 10 and every of the top 10 averages round 24mph. This interprets to 35 feet per second or just over 8 ″ in every body. So making an attempt to evaluate the place an attacker stands relative to a defender, armpit, boot roof or shirt sleeve, when there might be as a lot as an 8 ″ distinction between the frames is a little bit of a feat.

This additionally assumes that you would be able to map the road off the side to the precise moment the ball leaves the foot of the passing players. Nevertheless, the 8 ″ between frames is equally relevant. Body 1 might be earlier than the ball is played, whereas Body 2 is after the ball is played. If we use Body 2 because the determinant of when to verify the off-line, we’ve already added a big error.

No amount of farting round with a number of perpendicular traces going as much as a armpit, jersey shirt or attacker chest goes to change the sting of a built-in error – which far exceeds the precise accuracy of the references in Stockley Park suggests they work with them. Its smoke and mirrors in pea soup fog in London is best.

In reality, there have been plenty of extremely fringe sideline calls that, in my onion, are full balls. There isn’t a possible way throughout the present limits and margin of error with the know-how getting used that these may be clear and apparent selections.

There’s a great and acceptable quote to what’s being achieved by VAR and Stockley Park: “Farce treats the unlikely, the unimaginable.”
Paul McDevitt

Leeds and Lingard topped Premier League winners and losers

… I learn a remark that players ought to have sensors of their footwear to assist outline misalignment and though I believe this might be too troublesome so that you would wish them in 4 or extra locations. VAR Offside has two problems when the ball is played and the offside traces. If we had know-how on the ball to inform us when force was utilized to it we’d know the precise moment a ball is being kicked (we’d additionally be capable to inform how hard a ball was hit and different cool info as if it have been defender touching the ball in a sort out). If we had modified the road to a vertical cuirass, semi-transparent if needed, so you’ll be able to measure the farthest point of the defender and then have a imaginative and prescient of something slicing it. There isn’t a want for a second line and something past the quarry that isn’t a hand or an arm up the shirt is off-putting. He would have sorted out the West Brom mess this morning (night your time).
Pete, Down Under
(Ps. Covididiots certainly, poor Leicester, however a lot enjoyable if West Ham and Moyes do)

VAR is all a part of the present
So far as I can bear in mind, football is the game that makes the very back web page of the papers, and lots of the time a really entrance web page. Not rugby, not F1, not cricket and so on. That is primarily due to on-field and off-field debates, well earlier than VAR and now throughout VAR.

The questions appear to continue to revolve round what’s accountable for football – is it VAR, are these the references. From the period earlier than VAR, I’ve at all times believed that I did throughout VAR … the controversy is there as a result of football’s top tiers need it to be there. They need this sport to be as close to wrestling ‘leisure’ as attainable.

As football followers, we would like the proper selections (when it fits our team). However for the cash makers, there are individuals within the shadows who need to argue. We reside of their world and by no means acknowledge that many of the time.
Gary B (No Of us Football, ‘leisure’ sport solely adjustments for cash)

Tribute to Sean Dyche
I just lately grew to become an Instagram person for the primary time. I am really having fun with this expertise, although, a Premier League manager joined Instagram at about the identical time as me.
Sean Dyche has accomplished some magnificent easy work at Burnley, I personally thought it was excessive time for this usually underrated manager.
As main Lloyd Grossman used to say on ‘By means of the Keyhole’, “Let us take a look at the proof”
Sean Dyche acquired Burnley’s promotion to the Premier League, then suffered a direct rejection of the Championship.
Most managers would have sought a new challenge at this point of their career, however Sean determined to stay loyal to Burnley Football Club.
Promotion back to the Premier League was achieved instantly, however the critical query from the related Turf Moor stakeholders was whether or not Burnley may stay within the Premier League, and, by some means on a shifting funds compared to much more well-known and wealthier golf equipment, be aggressive on this unforgettable level of football on the top?
Sean Dyche and his workers have answered that query constantly and decisively.
Superb outcomes, street-side recruiting, and a team spirit created proper by the manager himself have turned Burnley into Premier League regulars.
Whereas nonetheless not completely mathematically safe, one other season within the Premier League is sort of actually assured.
Congratulations to Sean Dyche and all of the workers and supporters of Burnley FC, so long as this success story continues.

heat regards
Optimistic Liverpool fan.


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