Ružomberok started training with minimal changes in the staff

On Thursday, the MFK Ružomberok footballers started preparations for the spring part of the Fortuna 2020/2021 league. The charges of coach Ján Haspra will be prepared at home.

The cadre of Ružomberok remained almost unchanged after the autumn, the first two weeks the team will focus on restoring and developing fitness skills. “Artificial grass, the surrounding terrain and our regeneration line, that’s all we will use purely at home during the winter. After the first two weeks, when the boys are waiting for longer runs, we want to give priority to play. “The preparation period is very short and we don’t even think about it and there is a competition,” said Haspra.

“Ruža” has planned five match inspections, while at the beginning of January 16 the second league Tatran Liptovský Mikuláš will welcome at home. So far, one name appears in the departure column, namely Matúš Kmeť, who combined his next career with AS Trenčín.

“It’s a big loss, I’m very sorry for Matúš’s departure, but it can’t be changed anymore,” Haspra remarked, adding: “I’m not hiding, I heard something that goalkeeper Matúš Macík should still leave, but nothing is clear yet. As for new players, Oliver Luterán came from Poprad and yesterday the engagement of a young talented, only 17-year-old Jakub Luka from Žilina, was completed. “


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