The bitter end of Timothy Záhumenský in FC Nitra: The offer was that I will either sign or I finished

He found himself in a group of nine players, with whom the Slovak club FC Nitra no longer counted. He was given a clear choice – either to agree to end the contract or not to kick the ball. This was told for Š by the extreme defender Timotej Záhumenský, who is on the test in the Czech Zbrojovka Brno.

FC Nitra is one of the participants in the Slovak Fortuna League, in which there are constant changes in leadership and recurring turbulence. Under Zobor, great changes took place in this period as well, and with that came the end of a large group of footballers, including the name of 25-year-old Timothy Záhumenský.

As he admitted for Š, he got a choice four matches before the end of the autumn part of the Fortuna League. “I will either terminate the contract on December 31st or I will no longer play. I decided I’d rather end it. I was able to finish four matches and finish at the end of the year, ”says Slovana Bratislava’s offspring, who played a total of 15 matches for Nitra in the autumn.

With the constant changes in Nitra, he probably didn’t even have anything to think about. “It simply came to my notice then. Thanks to that, I didn’t even have to think about the end for a long time, because how it worked there, resp. some things didn’t work, so I really didn’t have anything to think about, “said Záhumenský, who is also one of those for whom Nitra has financial repercussions.

“In the club, it only affected me financially. Nothing else. I had no problems with anyone there. I got along well with coaches and players. I’m sorry I ended up like this with other players, but that’s football. One day a person will come, one day he will leave, ”he sighed, and he will certainly demand payment from Nitra for all the funds to which he is entitled.


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