They drew the eight-final pairs of the Champions League. Attractive duels await us

The footballers of Bayern Munich will meet Lazio Rome as the defenders of the trophy in the eighth finals of the Champions League 2020/2021, in which the Slovak defender Denis Vavro will play.


Former FCB player Brazilian Neymar will return to the Catalan capital. PSG last met Barcelona in the same phase in the 2016/2017 season and it was a memorable eight finals.

Paris won 4: 0 in the first match at home, but Barcelona triumphed 6: 1 at Camp Nou, it was Neymar who scored the fourth and fifth goal of the home team and also prepared a decisive intervention by Sergio Robert deep in the set time. Both teams lost to the later winner Bayern last season, the Spaniards ashamed 2: 8 in the quarterfinals, PSG 0-1 in the final.

“We know them very well. They have several exceptional players. Paris wants to win the Champions League, it was very close last season. And now he will want to finish even better. But we also have something to say about it, ”Guillermo Amor, director of FC Barcelona, ​​told UEFA for the website.

Last year’s semifinalist from Leipzig will face the winner of 2019 FC Liverpool, it will also be a confrontation with German coaches Julian Nagelsmann and Jürgen Klopp. Cristiano Ronaldo will look home with the Italian Juventus, the former European champion Porto is waiting for him. The reigning European League winner FC Sevilla will play against Borussia Dortmund.

“Dortmund has already won this competition. I really like his players and his club philosophy. It will be a tough opponent, but in the Champions League it is no longer easy at this stage. Borussia is the favorite, she won the group, but we can fight anyone, “said sports director Seville Mochi.

“Lazio is a tough opponent, this can already be seen in the group in the matches with Dortmund. Playing against Italian clubs is never a big joy. But again, traveling to Rome, which is a beautiful city, is always nice, “said Bavarian Sports Director Hasan Salihamijich.

“Most important of all, we will be in good shape in the spring. Then we can defeat anyone. Of course, historically we are used to playing revenge at home. Home soil and home audiences used to be crucial. In the first match, we will have to achieve such a result that we have an advantage in retaliation in Madrid, “said Emilio Butragueno, sports director of the” white ballet “.

The winners of the basic groups were among the deployed teams, the teams that placed second only figured unstanded. Clubs from one country or rivals from the same basic group could not meet.

The opening meetings of the round of 16 will take place on the 16th and 17th, respectively. February 23 and 24, retaliation is on the agenda on March 9, 10, 16 and 17. Unmounted teams will start at home.

Borussia Monchengladbach – Manchester City
Lazio Rome – Bayern Munich
Atletico Madrid – Chelsea London
RB Leipzig – FC Liverpool
FC Porto – Juventus Turin
FC Barcelona – Paris Germain
FC Sevilla Borussia Dortmund
Atalanta Bergamo – Real Madrid

Match 1 – February 16:

RB Leipzig – FC Liverpool
FC Barcelona – Paris Saint-Germain

Match 1 – February 17:

FC Porto – Juventus Turin
FC Sevilla Borussia Dortmund

Match 1 – February 23:

Lazio Rome – Bayern Munich
Atletico Madrid Chelsea

Matches 1 – February 24:

Borussia Monchengladbach – Manchester City
Atalanta Bergamo – Real Madrid

Matches 2 – March 9:

Juventus Turin – FC Porto
Borussia Dortmund FC Sevilla

Matches 2 – March 10:

FC Liverpool – RB Leipzig
Paris Saint-Germain – FC Barcelona

Matches 2 – March 16:

Manchester City – Borussia Mönchengladbach
Real Madrid – Atalanta Bergamo

Match 2 – March 17:

Bayern Munich – Lazio Rome

Atletico Madrid – FC Chelsea

16, 17, 23, 24 February 2021:

1st matches of the round of 16

March 9, 10, 16, 17:

2nd matches of the round of 16

March 19, 2021:

draw quarterfinals, semifinals and finals

6.-7. April:

1st quarterfinal matches

13.-14. April:

2nd quarterfinal matches

27.-28. April:

1st matches of the semifinals

4.-5. May:

2nd semifinal matches

May 29:

final (Istanbul, Atatürk Olympic Stadium)


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