We evaluate FK Senica: Day of Joy

Before the start of the season, the new management of Senice chose Anton Šoltis as their coach. For those who are closely following the events in our highest competition, this was definitely not a surprise. The native from Košice attracted attention in the 2018/19 season, when, despite a catastrophic start, he led Michalovce to the superstructure group for the title and finally took fifth place with them. He would definitely like to achieve something similar in Záhorie.

Your team scored 11 points on the opponents’ turf. Only Slovan, Dunajská Streda and Trnava did better. Nevertheless, Senica is penultimate in the table. What do you say to that?

“It’s a paradoxical situation because the matches were better for us outside. If we could do just three meetings at home, the table would look completely different at this point. But it didn’t happen, so we’re penultimate. “

How do you explain that?

“Personally, I think that except for the match with Trnava and the first half against Zlaté Moravce, our performances were fine. We also matched the game with better quality opponents, but we didn’t make it as a result. At home, we didn’t manage to finish the match more than once. If we were better in this direction, we could now have five or seven points more on our account. I don’t know what it is. After each meeting, we talked to the boys. Our team is not the youngest, it already has experience, and therefore it should be able to handle such situations. “

It should also be added that Senica still has a chance to advance to the superstructure for a title under certain circumstances. Were you surprised at how the table is aligned?

“I have said several times that from the fourth place down, the teams are very balanced. You can win with anything, but you can also lose. From our point of view, I see a problem in the fact that we have never managed to record a series of at least two or three victories in a row. If the table is so balanced, a few positive results can shoot you up.

Sure, we didn’t lose that many points in the top six, but we went into the season with the idea that rebuilding the team would not be easy. Stabilization is key for us now. Our goal is clear: to avoid rescue work. In short, we want to be able to work in peace. “

Before the start of the season and then during it, a lot of new faces came to the staff. To what extent did this affect the start of the league?

“There was a basis, but in order to create a competitive team, we had to gain new reinforcements. The players came gradually and at the same time we gradually found out which of them have it and what their qualities are. In the past, I experienced a similar situation in Michalovce, but here it was all even faster and in even greater numbers.

Certainly this had an impact on the results at the beginning of the season. Just because we got to know each other. It took us a while to find the right game system. Well, we can openly say that we passed the defense sometime in October after the arrival of Carillo and Asanovič. “

Senica scored 17 goals during the autumn part, which is the least of all league teams. In addition, the Malec-Piroska pair took care of up to ten of them. How do you evaluate the distribution of forces in the attack?

“Here the evaluation is simple: we only had two pull-ups in front, no one else joined them. We only scored 17 goals, which is very little for 18 laps. In this regard, it should be noted that our wingers did not catch on at all. Their effectiveness was low. Overall, the wing game was not what we imagined. We missed goals from the game.

During the fall, we pushed ourselves out of standard situations, or from situations that followed them. And this was due to the fact that our wing game did not meet our criteria. We clearly need to increase competition here. “

A nice surprise of the season is Juraj Piroska, who returned to the league after working in lower competitions. What do you say to his performances?

“Juraj Piroska is the brain of the team. I know a lot of people didn’t trust him and wrote him off for age, but he did. It took him three or four matches to get into it, but then he showed his quality. It is a very important football player and an extended coach’s hand for Senica. I was not surprised by his performances, but I hope that others will join him. “

Who was the best player of your team and who was the best player of the whole competition?

“As for the league, definitely Zsolt Kalmár. He had a famous start to the season, after which there was a slowdown, but in the end he got into it again. For us, it is clearly Juraj Piroska. “


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